Zign LG20 Light Guide Tester

Zign LG20 Light Guide Tester

Why choose the LG20-e?

  • Endoscope testing probe included
  • Test a wide variety of rigid scopes, from 2,7 to 10 mm

The LG20-e is extended with the PT10 testing probe, allowing to test the light transmitting performance of your whole system, both cable and endoscope.

  • All major types of cable fittings are supported
  • Test white light and across the full visible light spectrum
  • Easy to use ergonomics
  • Intuitive and multi lingual user interface
  • Objective measurement of cable performance
  • Reliable and fast testing procedure
  • Robust design, only quality materials

ENDOEYE measurement

The optional ENDOEYE testing feature allows you to test the light transmission of your ENDOEYE video laparoscopes. The MedZense LG20-e is the only product with this feature. Our field research shows that the light transmittance of ENDOEYE video laparoscopes deteriorates significantly over time.

All major fittings are supported

The MedZense LG20 is the only light guide cable testing device available that supports all major cable fittings. From now on, you only need one device to test a wide variety of cables and optics. This provides flexibility whilst maintaining an efficient testing procedure. The types of fittings that are supported are:

Light source connector:
  • Storz
  • Storz NCS
  • Olympus
  • Stryker
  • Wolf
Instrument connector:
  • Storz
  • Olympus
  • Universal
  • Stryker
  • Wolf
  • ACM

Data output ready – collect and analyze test data

The LG20 is data output ready. The device stores all test data and can communicate with a PC through USB. When the device is connected, you can use our software to collect and store all test data. This will allow you to analyze the performance of your endoscopic equipment over time. And the next step would be to integrate with your instrument management system.

Cable performance across the spectrum

The MedZense LG20 is the first light guide cable tester that tests the light transmission output across the visible color spectrum. This feature allows for cables to be tested on all colors critical during procedures.

Easy to use ergonomics and user interface

The ergonomic design of the MedZense LG20 allows for a quick and self-evident testing procedure. The cable fittings are positioned in such a way that the cable is connected quickly and easily. The graphical user interface is presented on the 4,3” full color TFT touchscreen. Because of the intuitive menu and test procedure the device is extremely easy to use.

Quality materials

It is important that the MedZense LG20 operates reliably. Only first grade materials are used in a robust design. The aluminum housing is strong and durable yet light-weight. The cable fittings are made of high quality stainless steel ensuring a tight fit through many test cycles. The optical parts are protected inside the MedZense LG20, further reducing the risk of damage in case of misuse.