VacioPak Sterile Sealer System

VacioPak Sterile Sealer System

The innovative vacuum storage & transport packaging system

The VacioPak storage and transport packaging systems provides 100% safety during transportation and storage of your sterile goods. The innovative and easily readable VacioPak indicator clearly identifies if the package is damaged or the vacuum seal still exists

  • No more unexpected, non-sterile trays/sets shortly before surgery
  • Long shelf life of sealed trays saves on reprocessing costs
  • Simple tray, easy to seal, fast to unpack
  • Huge savings on fleece wrappings
  • Reduce waste – Packaging may be reused for return transport to SPD department post surgery
  • Saves money in reducing cancelled operations
  • Use for supplies, flexible scopes, surgery kits or anything needed to be kept visually sterile
  • Conforms to EN 868-5 and ISO 11607-2

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