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About Halliday Medical


Since 1989, Halliday Medical has been working with hospitals all over the New England area for repairs, reupholstering, medical equipment and supplies. We specialize in the SPD department but work anywhere from office ergonomics to surgical patient positioning, from wheelchairs to blood pressure monitors, from replacement stretcher pads to high density storage.

We have decades of experience selling medical supplies and equipment. Let us know how we can help you or your facility with medical equipment or supplies from our leading brands. We look forward to working with you!

What clients say about us

Quick Service!

…fast service was what I was looking for. Joe had the product in stock and was delivered promptly. Thanks!
Boston Children's Hospital

Repair need

I called on Monday for an immediate repair need due to patient . I am grateful to you for coming out and taking care of the chairs so quickly. Thank you.
Dana Farber Cancer Center

Multiple Choices

Joe handled my request promptly. We were shown our choices right here at the hospital in our unit and a demo was given. So happy to have the new wheelchairs in a timely fashion.
Massachusetts General Hospital

Brands We Carry